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LogiPlan solves logistic and planning challenges for the construction site, contractor and subcontractors

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LogiPlan Site addresses a compelling range of challenges including site management, project management, delivery scheduling, deviation management, waste management, delivery planning and more.

Delivery Schedule

Displays and synchronizes deliveries and resource usage for a construction project. This saves time for subcontractors on site and suppliers, avoids congestion and unplanned deliveries.

  • Delivery bookingsDelivery bookings plan material deliveries to the project and include information on gates, unloading zone, recurrence, material order, resources needed and more.
  • Resource bookingsResource bookings plan resources as cranes, forklifts and other resources on site and will make sure that resources are scheduled correctly and cannot be booked at the same time for different activities.
  • Waste bookingsWaste bookings plan waste deliveries from site and container deliveries to the site. They can be integrated with LogiPlan’s waste module.
  • Booking notificationsBooking notifications ensure that specialists with different roles in the project are informed about important notifications for deliveries they are involved with.
  • Search, filter bookingsSearch, filter bookings, display the schedule as a calendar or daily list to get exactly the information that is important at that specific moment.
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Construction Area Management

This module manages a construction area and includes projects, terminals, unloading zones, resources, gates and checkpoints.

  • Unloading zonesUnloading zones for the construction area can be created using colour codes for them and used later in delivery planning.
  • ResourcesResources as cranes, forklifts and other can be created for the construction area and used in the delivery planning.
  • GatesGates can be created inside a construction area and used for delivery and waste bookings. Automatic gates can be connected and opened by LogiPlan.
  • Construction ProjectsConstruction Projects includes a list and the properties of all construction projects located in the same construction area sharing common resources.
  • Site plansSite plans includes construction site plans for the whole construction area or specific parts or projects.
  • Site documentationSite documentation is a document storage for all relevant documentation that may be needed for the project.
  • Logistics Terminals and CheckpointsLogistics Terminals and Checkpoints connected to the construction project and used as logistics solutions for deliveries can be displayed in the construction area management.
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Project Management

The project view is the dashboard of a construction project. LogiPlan presents weather, news, statistics, and relevant events for the project.

  • 3-d model3-d model allows the project to upload, visualize a BIM file and correlate LogiPlan data with BIM data directly in the application.
  • Project documentationProject documentation includes any kind of artifacts for the project to share with subcontractors.
  • NewsNews can be used to publish any information and documents relevant in the current period for the project participants.
  • Billing accountsBilling accounts are used to register and then assign other entities in the application an account for services to be billed on.
  • User managementUser management allows any user to list information about or invite another user with at least the privileges she has.
  • WeatherWeather displays details on weather for the current period to alert for possible issues that affect planning and work activities as for example welding.
  • StatisticsStatistics displays a reduced set of most important key metrics from the statistics module on the project view.
  • GatesGates allows logistics administrators to send a command to connected gate systems directly from the project view.
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Deviation Management

Deviations management is a module used to register deviations for material deliveries as well as project deviations on the site.

  • Deviation typeDeviation type registers the type of deviation and is picked from a large list of predefined classes of deviations.
  • Deviation priorityDeviation priority is a priority set to the deviation so that deviations can be addressed by their importance.
  • DeadlinesDeadlines save deadline data for deviations to be addressed.
  • Change and additional workChange and additional work helps subcontractors and suppliers identify and document changes in the work they are contracted to perform to have supporting information for subsequent reports and billing.
  • Send deviations to emailSend deviations to email can be used to send a set of registered deviations to a subcontractor or supplier.
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Waste Management

Used to track all types of waste containers at the site. Includes integration with suppliers of waste management to send orders for containers and container emptying.

  • Integration with suppliersIntegration with suppliers ensures that orders can be sent automatically to a waste supplier of your choice.
  • Container typesContainer types from a large database of generic types can be used in the waste module besides of the special container types we have for suppliers we are integrated with.
  • Waste typesWaste types from a complete list of types and colour scheme can be used with the containers.
  • Billing accountsBilling accounts control which entity is billed at the customer for a specific container.
  • Container groupsContainer groups can be used when the user wants to order emptying or make changes to many containers of the same type.
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The statistics module provides the possibility to analyse how the project is performed from a logistics perspective, what should be improved and what the results for the previous periods are.

  • Total delivery bookingsTotal delivery bookings display total deliveries performed during the period chosen.
  • Planned and unplanned deliveriesPlanned and unplanned deliveries display the difference between planned and unplanned deliveries.
  • Deliveries with deviationsDeliveries with deviations display the number of deviations registered during a period.
  • CO2 emissionsCO2 emissions display CO2 and CO2 equivalent emissions for projects that enable emissions registration during delivery booking.
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The task is to create solutions that are not on the project plan yet. Customers help us tune that to reality.

  • Alejandra Sundberg

    Alejandra Sundberg

    Construction Manager,
    Project Life City, Stockholm

    LogiPlan is a very good tool that saves me a lot of time and helps me keep track of contractor’s planning. I am using the desktop web application to plan and the mobile app to check the status of deliveries for my contractors when I’m on the go.
  • Michael Frisk Guldplatz

    Michael Frisk Guldplatz

    Production Manager,
    Project Katarinahuset, Stockholm

    LogiPlan is developed by builders for builders and one can see that in the features that it provides. The customer is invited to participate and impact the development of the product and the ideas that we have had were implemented fast. As an example, a driver can open gates for a delivery if allowed under her delivery slot time which will save a lot of time because we don’t need to run to the gates to open them.
  • Karl-Johan Roihjert

    Karl-Johan Roihjert

    Production Manager,
    Project Life City, Stockholm

    With LogiPlan we observe that our contractors learn from each other. When they see that another contractor books a certain time because it’s favourable and faster, then they do the same.

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Book demo to get a better understanding on how we can help to make your company’s operations in construction more efficient.

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