Construction logistics is complex and often mismanaged

Coordinating a construction project and the supply chain with phone calls is the past. Inefficient, slow communication and lack of detailed information results in chaotic projects, increased costs, material waste and missed project deliveries.

Plan and coordinate logistics across the entire supply chain

Solve logistics, coordination and communication problems in your area of business in construction using a modern platform that connects all parts of the supply chain together.

LogiPlan is a logistics platform for site and supply chain management

We involve our customers in creating innovation the market doesn’t know about yet

  • Alejandra Sundberg

    Alejandra Sundberg

    Construction Manager,
    Project Life City, Stockholm

    LogiPlan is a very good tool that saves me a lot of time and helps me keep track of contractor’s planning. I am using the desktop web application to plan and the mobile app to check the status of deliveries for my contractors when I’m on the go.
  • Michael Frisk Guldplatz

    Michael Frisk Guldplatz

    Production Manager,
    Project Katarinahuset, Stockholm

    LogiPlan is developed by builders for builders and one can see that in the features that it provides. The customer is invited to participate and impact the development of the product and the ideas that we have had were implemented fast. As an example, a driver can open gates for a delivery if allowed under her delivery slot time which will save a lot of time because we don’t need to run to the gates to open them.
  • Karl-Johan Roihjert

    Karl-Johan Roihjert

    Production Manager,
    Project Life City, Stockholm

    With LogiPlan we observe that our contractors learn from each other. When they see that another contractor books a certain time because it’s favourable and faster, then they do the same.

Over 200+ companies use our service

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  • Organised construction site

    LogiPlan contributes to a well-organised construction site – a key factor for a positive, well-managed work environment and improved productivity

  • Increased productivity by reducing obstruction

    LogiPlan is the tool that gives you the possibilty to plan, control and visualize your delivery flows so that obstruction is managed and production can keep running smoothly

  • Reduced impact on surroundings

    LogiPlan simplifies your delivery management and contributes to reduced impact on construction site surroundings

  • Avoid phone calls that distract your flow

    LogiPlan lets you control gate opening times and permissions which gives you full control without distracting you from important work

  • Facilitated administration of deviations

    Document any project deviations and material inspections with your smartphone and save details on faulty deliveries and much more

  • Digital collection of CO2 emissions for deliveries

    LogiPlan collects CO2-emissions data and computes the carbon footprint in accordance with the Climate Declaration, part A4 based on searchable supplier adresses and completely automatic distance calculations

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